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Quality control with computer vision

As the HoloLens is equipped with multiple cameras, this portable smartglasses device can leverage computer vision technology to optimize your day-to-day activities. Here are a few examples of how computer vision can improve efficiency and minimize the error-rate:

Minimize dispatching error-rate

The number of wrongly dispatched orders can unfortunately be very high – not only costing the company a lot of money but also creating extra, unexpected, labor. With HoloLens, this error-rate can decline significantly as this smartglasses device leverages computer vision technology to automatically highlight the asset you need. As a final check, the HoloLens can for example count the items of a certain order and validate whether all (the right) goods are collected.

Rack damage control

It’s not inevitable that racks get damaged over time. However, for safety reasons, it’s important that even the smallest imperfections are noticed straight away. With HoloLens and computer vision technology, rack damage control can be done automatically. 

Clear vision at high altitudes

By attaching a 3D camera to the fork of a reach truck, order pickers maintain the same clear overview as they would have on the ground; no matter the altitude. If you combine this with AI and computer vision, you can provide the order picker with extra visual information such as measured distance from the reach truck to the pallet, height, … comparable to vehicle detection sensors in a car.

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