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State-of-the-art education and training

Use holographic visualizations of body parts, medical devices or procedures to improve training and education – on site, or remotely.

3D visualization of a human being

By using holographic 3D models, a highly detailed representation of a patient, organs, muscles, or other body parts can be brought into view. Unlike a real cadaver, there’s nothing the HoloLens can’t visualize, allowing medical students or surgeons to be more informed, more prepared and more confident. The video illustrates what this actually looks like.

Diseases brought into view

You now get to experience what a brain actually looks like after a seizure, what happens to the brain when we process information, or how a certain heart disease influences a beating heart, … .

Remote Assist

A teacher or expert surgeon can now very easily demonstrate a procedure to remote trainees. While wearing the HoloLens, the expert can share what he sees, bring in 3D material, visualize a patient, and make annotations. The trainees can follow along on their pc, laptop, tablet or phone using the default Microsoft Teams app. 

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