Remote Assistance

Remote Assistance

Collaborate with remote experts.
Whenever, wherever

Solve problems
on the spot

Working side-by-side with experts in remote locations, allows your employees to share what they see. Walk through the process step-by-step and solve problems efficiently in real time.

Visualize and share
critical information

With remote assistance, your employees can pull critical information into view while staying focused on the task. This is how collaborative problem-solving at full speed should be done. 

Make on-site visits
from a distance

Reduce on-site visit costs with remote inspections, while maintaining a high level quality check. Integrate video, screenshots, and annotations.

Bring in the people you need with just a tap

Your employees and consultants are connected across time and distance. They are more informed, more efficient, and more confident.

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Get Remote Assistance
for under €210/month

Did you know it’s actually not that expensive to implement remote assistance in your business? Yet the added value it brings is enormous.

We created a pricing sheet that gives you an indication of how much it costs to get remote assistance up and running in your companyDownload our pricing sheet to get a detailed overview. 

Remote assistance Pricing sheet
Niels Leunen

Contact Niels
for more information

Do you have a question about remote assistance? Or maybe want to set up a meeting?

Just give Niels a call or send him an email.

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