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Safely guide large cargo ships

Container ships are often too unwieldy to enter a port by themselves. They rely on the help of tugboats that push or pull them to the right dock. In the Port of Antwerp, large cargo ships are usually accompanied by two tugboats that need to work in perfect unison without actually seeing each other. A moving camera on the tugboat sends images to the control room in real-time.

However, if you want to take it to the next level, these images should also be sent to the tugboats that are helping the vessel. This is where the HoloLens comes in! Of course, this means you’ll need to leverage a steady internet connection. Luckily, with HoloLens 2, you can connect to a Wi–Fi network or you can leverage the USB-C port to connect to a 4G, 5G or LTE dongle. Thanks to our partnership with Proximus, this shouldn’t be any problem! 

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