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Order picking 2.0

When working in large warehouses, order picking can be hard, especially when demanding targets have to be met. The HoloLens presents a great opportunity to assist operators in warehouse picking activities as they do not require the use of hands while having the abilities to display relevant information, guiding them through their order picking process from A to Z. Not only will this help experienced workers, it also allows seasonal workers and job students to be efficient from day one.

Personalized interface

When putting on the device, every employee is logged in to his own personal account thanks to iris recognition (comparable to Face ID or Touch ID on your smartphone). This personalized account grants access to certain apps, integrations, and so on. This enables the HoloLens to bring the right data from the Warehouse Management System (WMS) to the HoloLens, by visualizing for example a list of items that need to be collected by that specific order picker.

Augmented information

To make the job easier, the list of orders to be picked can be visualized with text (the product names, numbers), an image of the products, or a combination of both. Next, thanks to spatial mapping and spatial awareness, the HoloLens can guide order pickers – for instance with holographic arrows projected on the floor – to all the items on their list in the most convenient way.

Product recognition

When arriving at the right aisle and row, the HoloLens can light up the asset they need. This can be enabled by automatic barcode scanning or by combining the HoloLens with AI and computer vision, allowing the device to actually recognize the items that need to be collected.

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