Mr. Watts: Welcome to the era of smartglasses

Written by Wouter Martens

Hello world! Nice to meet you.

We are ‘Mr. Watts’, a brand new Belgium-based software studio with a clear vision for the future. We believe the next chapter in business computing has begun. And we are thrilled to tell you all about it!

As of now, we’ll actually start ‘wearing’ computers, as part of our work outfit or professional equipment. We’ll interact with them in ways more natural and organic than ever before: driven by artificial intelligence, these computers will create completely new ‘immersive’ interfaces and we will operate them with voice and gesture interactions.

Welcome to the era of smartglasses.


This is what advanced smartglasses look like currently:

Smartglasses: the basics

You wear smartglasses on your head and you use them in the field. Thanks to them, you can process digital information or content in real-time, blended into the environment around you, delivering a very immersive user experience called ‘Mixed Reality’. These smartglasses don’t require any additional hardware, which means your hands are free from keyboards or mice, so you can use them to do actual work. Check out the Microsoft HoloLens or Magic Leap websites to get a first understanding of their possibilities.

Ready for Mixed Reality in your business?

Back to Mr. Watts. Our goal is to empower businesses in a multitude of industries to leverage the possibilities of smartglasses and Mixed Reality. We’ll do this by inspiring our clients, and create qualitative apps for these new platforms. Initially though, we’ll focus on the Microsoft HoloLens. Why now? Why specifically these smart-glasses? There are plenty of reasons for our timing and focus, of which we elaborate in our other blogs: 

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