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Factory 2.0 with computer vision

As the HoloLens is equipped with multiple cameras, this portable smartglasses device can leverage computer vision technology to optimize your day-to-day activities. Here are a few examples of how computer vision can improve efficiency:

Quality control

Inspecting your end-product and packaging is highly important to maintain the highest quality and a top-notch reputation. Thanks to computer vision-based inspection, the HoloLens can detect anomalies and send a signal, or validate whether the delivered good is ready for shipment. It allows manufacturing companies to ensure that everything adheres strictly to standards. Here are some examples:

  • In the pharmaceutical sector, the HoloLens can count whether the right number of capsules are placed in the container. Moreover, it can detect whether they are the correct capsules (based on their physical characteristics like size or color).

  • During the assembling process of a complex product (for instance when producing a car), the HoloLens can detect whether all components are assembled correctly. The device can even notify you when a specific part is damaged and should be replaced.

  • The HoloLens can validate whether important features of packaging are correct, such as labels, cap seal, …

  • In order picking, the HoloLens can detect whether the correct goods are collected

Automated barcode scanning

Instead of manually having to scan every barcode, you can now use the HoloLens for instant barcode scanning. By simply looking at the different products, the HoloLens instantaneously detects and ‘reads’ all barcodes, highlighting the ones you need.

However, barcodes aren’t always (completely) visible on certain products. That’s when we can leverage AI and computer vision technology for product recognition based on measurements, labeling, shape, … or a combination of all.

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