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3D visualization of machinery, installations & designs

The HoloLens allows you to display representations of machinery, systems, installations, designs, and so on. Here are a few benefits of using digital twins in your manufacturing plant:

Digital representation of machinery

Digital twins, visualized with the HoloLens, allow you to validate whether certain new machinery will fit your warehouse and helps you to optimize production-lines by testing parameter combinations or new manufacturing processes virtually.

Virtual simulations

Employees can train on a virtual ‘simulator’ until they have the skills and confidence needed to operate the real machinery.

Possibly dangerous and, or, destructive situations can be simulated as well for training, education or research purposes. Take overloading, leaks, explosions, … for example.

Validate your designs in a shared experience

You no longer have to imagine what your finished product will look like. With HoloLens, you can visualize your designs at real scale. This way, you can make a determined decision whether your design is ready for industrialization or not.

The HoloLens also allows you to create a shared experience with multiple HoloLens users. In this shared experience, everyone can see and interact with the same holographic objects (your design) – whether people are in the same room (co-located) or not (remote).

Predictive Maintenance

Any business that relies on machinery to keep their workflow going, knows the importance of avoiding machinery malfunction. With predictive maintenance, you leverage iOT data to learn when asset management is needed. It tells you which parts (soon) need replacement or need to be fixed. It allows the manufacturer to optimize the lifetime of the equipment and boost performance. The HoloLens allows you to visualize all iOT data.

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