Ideation workshop

Ideation workshop

Our approach

Let’s identify new business opportunities together during our ideation workshop.
To identify these opportunities, there are four steps to follow. Have a look.


We start by analyzing your stakeholders, their true needs and the conditions in which they will be using the HoloLens. 


Next, we list all the required functionalities, take a look at which HoloLens capabilities we can leverage, and we define the desired holographic visualization of these features.


In this step, we get a clear view on how feasible the project is. We analyze (the integration with) your ecosystem, the requirements for the 3D models, and the connectivity requirements.


We end our workshop by deciding on a few agreements. Which KPIs will we use to measure success? What is the lead time to proof success? When should the project be operational? 

The result

We will structure all gathered information onto our ‘HoloLens Value Canvas’. As a result, you go home with a complete filled out canvas, and a top 3 of valuable, specific use cases for your business.

How do we continue? If you’re blown away by the potential solution(s), we will test these by transforming the use cases into working prototypes. If the tests are positive, then your Mixed Reality solution might be ready to be further developed, and integrated into your business processes!

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HoloLens Value Canvas

Do you wish to brainstorm internally about the possibilities of the HoloLens? We’ve got you covered! Download our easy step-by-step guide for implementing the HoloLens in your organization. 


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