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HoloLens Discovery workshop with BD

BD BARD is a global medical technology company that is advancing the world of health by improving medical discovery, diagnostics and the delivery of care. They strongly believe in the potential of the HoloLens and want to use the device for the following three purposes:

  1. Training and education
    The surgeon performs the operation while other doctors follow the process from A to Z, but remain completely remote.
  2. Remote experts
    The surgeon brings in remote experts with just a tap, while he stays focused on the operation.
  3. Real time 3D monitoring
    The surgeon visualizes 2D or 3D monitoring data.

To elaborate on this, and to give the employees of BD a clear understanding of what is possible, we organized a discovery workshop.  Here’s what our day looked like:

Introduction, HoloLens capabilities and inspirational use cases

We started off the workshop with an introduction to HoloLens, explaining what smartglasses are and why we focus on the HoloLens. By doing so, the HoloLens capabilities were discussed as well. To make these capabilities tangible, we demonstrated a few inspirational use cases.

How to use the HoloLens
and hands-on demo

What better way to discover the potential of the HoloLens 2 than testing it yourself? So that’s exactly what we did. We brought enough devices for everyone to play around with the HoloLens and to discover how intuitive and natural you interact with the device.


Custom scenarios and demonstrations

As BD already had some specific use cases in mind, we decided to prove the HoloLens’ capabilities by reenacting these scenarios during a live demonstration. We got creative, and our CTO and managing partner Wouter Martens got to be a doctor for the day.

workshop BD BARD - Hololens - Mr. Watts
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