How does HoloLens work?

Written by Wouter Martens

The HoloLens is a pretty advanced device. It’s actually a new kind of computer that you wear on your head. So how does it work?

MEMS laser display

The HoloLens has a holographic display, this is something different than a ‘normal’ screen (consisting out of pixels) like we all know. In fact, Holographic displays aren’t screens at all. They are able to visualize digital content by projecting artificial light into our eyes, just the same way we perceive natural light to see the world around us. By doing so, the HoloLens allows us to see all sorts of digital holograms, while still remaining fully aware of the real environment.

Spatial awareness

Besides being able to visualize 3D holographic data, the HoloLens pretty much sees everything. It looks at your environment, and makes a 3D scan of it in real time. This allows the device to exploit ‘spatial awareness’ so the holograms fit perfectly into your surroundings.

Iris recognition, eye & hand tracking, voice control

The HoloLens also looks at, and listens to you as an individual. It uses iris recognition for biometric security and tracks your eye and hand movements as a way to interact with it. As the HoloLens recognizes what you’re saying, you can also interact with it by using voice commands. All of this implicates that no physical component like a keyboard or mouse is needed.

(Remote) rendering

Lastly, the 3D models can be rendered on the device itself, as it is a stand-alone computer. But for large scale, complex 3D models (which require much more computing power than the HoloLens offers by itself), you can connect to the cloud and render those on powerful, instantly accessible servers. In fact, the holograms are streamed into your glasses in real time. How cool is that! With this approach you have all the computing power you need, right ‘in the field’ where you are using the HoloLens. As long as you have a 4G / 5G or WiFi connection off course.

So that’s how the HoloLens works – in a nutshell! All these capabilities can be leveraged by businesses to boost efficiency and even make the impossible possible. Are you ready to learn how the HoloLens can optimize your business processes?