Here’s why we focus on the Microsoft HoloLens first

Written by Wouter Martens

The Microsoft HoloLens are not the only smartglasses out there, but still we have decided to focus on them in an initial phase. Let us explain the reason for this.

1 / Microsoft HoloLens’ advanced capabilities

First, they are the most advanced smartglasses available today, delivering capabilities like:

  • Real-time spatial mapping of your environment
  • Head-tracking
  • Eye-tracking
  • Iris recognition (inc. the biometric authentication possibilities)
  • Spatial audio
  • Targeted microphones for voice control, tested to work well in noisy, industrial environments
  • Research based comfort options to ensure extensive usage throughout a workday
  • And many more…

This makes the HoloLens very suitable for businesses, and much more capable than the previous generation of smartglasses (like Realwear or Vuzix).

2 / The Windows 10 operating system

Secondly, the HoloLens runs Windows 10, the same OS that powers ‘regular computers in millions of businesses across the globe every day. It is a battle-proven industry standard. Compared to other suppliers in the Mixed Reality industry, like for example HoloLens’ biggest competitor Magic Leap, we consider this an important differentiator. The Magic Leap 1 runs LuminOS, a customly developed operation system derived from open source components such as Linux and the ‘Android Open Source Project’ (AOSP). By no means is this a bad operating system, but unlike Windows, it still needs to prove its stability, sustainability and compliance.

3 / The seamless integration with Azure and Dynamics

Finally, the integration possibilities of HoloLens towards Microsoft Azure and Dynamics ultimately confirm our choice for this platform. Chances are that you are already using these services in your business, which would make the adoption of Mixed Reality apps frictionless.

Of course our choice for the HoloLens doesn’t mean we won’t support other smartglasses in the future. We do believe alternatives will enter the market at a given time. Apple’s rumoured implementation will probably shake up the industry when it arrives in 2022 or 2023. For the time being, we recon Microsoft is taking the lead (and they’re doing so in style).

Mr. Watts taking the lead

Taking the lead: that is exactly what we also plan to do with Mr. Watts. We will guide businesses into the era of smartglasses, Mixed Reality and spatial computing. We will create apps and apply immersive technology for companies that also want to lead their industry. Together, we’ll shape the future of business, industry and in-the-field computing.

We are ready for this. Are you?