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Hands free, bacteria free

You use gestures, voice or even gaze to interact with the HoloLens. That means you don’t have to use a physical component like a computer mouse or a keyboard to interact with HoloLens applications. This implicates that your hands remain free and sanitized during the entire procedure. Let’s elaborate on how this works.

Hand gestures

A first way to interact with the HoloLens is by using hand gestures. The HoloLens tracks every movement of both your hands in real time, and registers these as certain gestures thanks to AI and computer vision. You can compare this with gestures, like ‘swiping’ on your smartphone. It’s a very natural and intuitive way of interacting. Watch the video to see some hand gestures in action.


Just like gestures, your voice can be used to interact with the HoloLens. The device recognizes certain words as commands, while ‘ignoring’ background noise. Microsoft implemented a serie of standard voice commands, that work ‘out-of-the-box’, but custom voice commands can also be created.


Thanks to eye tracking, HoloLens knows at all times where the surgeon, doctor, nurse,… is looking at. This facilitates two features:

  1. All information is projected within a certain field of view. This is what we call the ‘holographic window’. By tracking your eyes, the HoloLens will move this window along with where your eyes are looking at, leaving your hands free to do the job. 
  2. Eye tracking can also be used for automatic scrolling. By knowing where you are looking at, or what you are reading, the HoloLens can ‘scroll’ through content at your own pace.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to interact with the HoloLens. Doctors, surgeons or other users are able to use the device without risk of contamination.

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