HoloLens against Covid-19

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Doctors and HoloLens hand-in-hand against Covid-19

Hospitals all over the world are using Microsoft HoloLens at their Covid-19 departments to protect doctors as they treat patients with the virus. Using the HoloLens has led to a nearly 83% reduction in the amount of time staff are spending in high-risk areas.

Instead of multiple doctors entering the patient’s room, a single doctor puts on the HoloLens and enables Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, which uses Microsoft Teams to send a secure live video-feed to a computer or tablet screen in a nearby room. That way, consultant doctors can follow along, give advice, and even bring documentation, 3D digital models, and annotations into the HoloLens user’s view. 

HoloLens against Covid-19
HoloLens against Covid-19

Not only does it reduce the amount of time staff are spending in high-risk areas, it also reduces their PPE consumption and improves the efficiency of their ward rounds.

Another plus is the fact that the doctor wearing the HoloLens interacts with the device by using gestures, gaze and voice. This allows them to keep their hands free to do the job. More on this in our article “Hands free, bacteria free“. 

Many hospitals within the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust – one of the largest NHS trusts in England – are using the HoloLens to treat Covid-19 patients. Read and watch their case story here. Want to learn more on remote assist? Check out our article Enable expert surgeons to assist remotely“.

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