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On-site demo with Hooyberghs

Hooyberghs is a construction company with over 70 simultaneous sites throughout Belgium. They distinguish themselves by realizing all types of public buildings, commercial housing projects, social housing projects, and care institutions.

They saw the opportunity to visualize 3D BIM models on-site with HoloLens 2 and requested an on-site demo to test its potential. With great pleasure, we uploaded their existing BIM models to the HoloLens and were ready to show and discuss the capabilities. This is what our day looked like.

Introduction to Mixed Reality & HoloLens 2

We started the day with a short introduction to the world of mixed reality, industry smartglasses, and the HoloLens 2. Why did we decide to focus on HoloLens 2, and how could they use this device to work smarter? As it’s an innovative technology, we elaborated on the capabilities and showed several use cases in construction.

Bringing BIM models to the construction site

Next, it was time for the real deal! We uploaded BIM models of the construction site we were visiting to the HoloLens and handed out everyone a device – attached to an industry hard hat (interesting to know: all existing files were compatible with the HoloLens). During a tour on the construction site, we visualized their BIM models in 3D, at a 1:1 scale and perfectly aligned to the actual construction. 

The result

Here is some footage of what the top layer of the building looks like. As you can see, this allows Hooyberghs to really visualize the ‘final build’ on site and to spot possible errors before they even occur. It also makes it possible for them to place these models on a time frame and to see each layer in a certain stage of the building process.

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