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Remote rendering for complex 3D models

One of the main benefits of the HoloLens is the fact that it’s a stand alone Windows 10 computer that can render 3D models by itself. However, to ensure high performance holographic experiences of complex 3D models while using the HoloLens, a traditional approach that compresses the models and removes polygons can mean a loss of important details. In that case, remote rendering is in order. There are two remote rendering solutions we use for HoloLens.


ISAR SDK (interactive Streaming for Augmented Reality) is a cross-platform remote rendering solution that is able to stream large 3D CAD and BIM models. It allows construction workers to interact with high-polygon content via both local or cloud processing power. This solution is implementable in any kind of third party XR application. Learn more.

HoloLens meets construction

Azure Remote Rendering

Azure Remote Rendering is a Microsoft Mixed Reality service that enables you to render high-quality interactive 3D content, such as BIM models, in the cloud and stream it to your HoloLens device in real time.  This solution was developed for complex models, used in important scenarios where every detail matters. Learn more. 

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