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Work remotely: on-site visits from anywhere

When constructing a new building, regular on-site visits are needed to follow up the project. However, managing multiple sites at the same time means losing a lot of time on the road. And what if you need all stakeholders together on-site, but their agendas don’t allow it?

Thanks to HoloLens and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, all stakeholders from project leader to subcontractor can pay an on-site visit remotely. This significantly improves efficiency and reduces costs. 

As Remote Assist is a product from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Suite, the setup and configuration is very easy. And if you’re used to working with Microsoft Teams, you will have this app figured out in no time since the app basically uses Microsoft Teams – but with an extra special toolkit. You can leverage the following functionalities:

Remote viewing

The call between the remote expert and the on-site viewer worker is established through Microsoft Teams. The remote expert can follow along on his pc, laptop, tablet or phone using the default Microsoft Teams app. The on-site viewer can also bring the remote expert into view.

Mr Watts | HoloLens Remote Assist
Mr Watts | HoloLens Remote Assist

Bring valuable information into view

The remote expert can upload images and pdf documents to the call. The on-site viewer can then place these documents wherever he wants within his field of view, make them bigger or smaller, and annotate them if needed.



Both parties can make annotations to highlight what they’re talking about, which makes it easier and more efficient to collaborate. Let’s say the expert tells the on-site viewer which cables to connect, which button to push, or where there’s missing an opening, he can actually place an arrow or draw a line at the exact spot.

Mr Watts | HoloLens Remote Assist
Mr Watts | HoloLens Remote Assist

Bring other apps into view

During the call, the on-site viewer can open other applications that are available on the HoloLens.  The remote expert can follow along and provide guidance.


Getting started with Remote Assist

Getting started with Microsoft Remote Assist is pretty easy. As a remote expert, you need a (standard) Microsoft Teams license. So if you’re already in the Microsoft ecosystem within your company, you’re good to go. As an on-site worker, you need a HoloLens 2 with a Remote Assist license. It’s as easy as that!


Every remote expert needs a standard Microsoft Teams License. If they don’t have this license yet, the cheapest option is to get a Microsoft 365 Business Basic license (€4,20 per user per month). As an on-site viewer, you need to buy or rent a HoloLens 2 device. Besides the HoloLens device, you also need a Dynamics 365 Remote Assist license (€54,80 per user per month).

To get a complete, more structured overview, you can download our Pricing Sheet. 

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