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BD | Changing the way medicine is done


Changing the way medicine is done

BD is a global medical technology company that is advancing the world of health by improving medical discovery, diagnostics and the delivery of care. An essential part of their job is to train and educate doctors about new materials they developed (surgical proctoring). They strongly believe in the potential of the HoloLens and want to use the device for three purposes.


Training and education

In the past, doctors often followed along with surgeries from within the OR for training purposes. However, many complex surgeries – with new medical equipment – take the attention of surgeons all over the world. In that case, a broadcast is in order. Or even with Covid-19, remote working becomes the norm. Now, with HoloLens, the surgeon can use the Microsoft Remote Assist app to perform an operation while remote doctors follow the process from A to Z through his eyes. He can make annotations, take screenshots, or upload files, by just using his voice or some hand gestures. The Imelda Hospital already used the HoloLens for training purposes. Read case story.

BD changing the way medicine is done
BD changing the way medicine is done


Remote experts

After a doctor followed along with a colleague surgeon, he might want to use the same procedure for his operations. However, some guidance might still be in order. With the Microsoft Remote Assist app, the surgeon brings in remote experts with just a simple air tap. This means no need to use a mouse or keyboard, keeping his hands sanitized. The remote expert can follow along as if he’s looking through the eyes of the surgeon. To provide extra guidance, the expert can bring documents and visuals into the surgeon’s field of view. Read more.


Real time monitoring data

Surgeons can now make different holographic screens appear by using voice commands, by gazing or by ‘swiping’ in the air. This allows them to visualize 3D models of patients, limbs, organs, or even scans, X-rays and live monitoring data. These holographic visualizations can also be shared with remote experts of remote spectators. Besides being able to operate more efficiently, another big plus is the fact that there’s no chance of contamination as there are no physical components to be used. Read more

BD changing the way medicine is done

Bright future ahead

Live footage from the HoloLens is taken with its built-in stereoscopic cameras. The quality of these cameras can be compared to a quality webcam. However, we are currently looking into attaching an external camera to the HoloLens to increase the video stream resolution and to better display all anatomy.

HoloLens-assisted surgery in Imelda Hospital

BD changing the way medicine is done

We already successfully performed several surgeries at Imelda Hospital. During these procedures, the surgeon used the HoloLens and a custom-made application to visualize anonymized patient information (X-rays, 3D scans, …). At the same, the entire surgery was also broadcasted from the surgeon’s HoloLens with the Remote Assist app to several spectators. Read the article of our latest surgery at Imelda Hospital.

Project journey

  • Inspire: Discovery workshop​

    To give the employees of BD a clear understanding of what is possible, we organized an inspirational workshop. We started by explaining what smartglasses are and why we focus on the HoloLens. By doing so, the HoloLens' capabilities were discussed as well.

    To make these capabilities tangible, we demonstrated a few inspirational use cases. We brought enough devices for everyone to play around with the HoloLens.

    Curious what such a workshop would look like for you? Find out more.

  • Think: Custom scenarios and demonstrations​

    BD already had some specific use cases in mind regarding training and education. We thought about how the HoloLens can be leveraged and decided to prove the HoloLens’ capabilities by reenacting these scenarios during a live demonstration. We got creative, and our CTO and managing partner Wouter Martens got to be a doctor for the day. Read more.

  • Build: Holographic visualization​

     During surgery, surgeons often rely on information such as 3D scans, X-rays and even PowerPoint slides containing anonymized medical information about the patient, his or her journey, videos, … Thanks to the custom app we built for Dr. Tollens - general and abdominal surgeon at the Imelda Hospital in Bonheiden - he can now access this data with a simple “swipe” in the air.

  • Grow: just the beginning

    Our story with BD doesn't end here. Besides this project, together we’re investigating the use of the HoloLens for the following four purposes; holographic medical imaging; training and education; bringing in remote experts; 3D monitoring of anonymous patient data.

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