Mr. Watts: Welcome to the era of smartglasses

Hello world! Nice to meet you. We are ‘Mr. Watts’, a brand new Belgium-based software studio with a clear vision for the future. We believe the next chapter in business computing has begun. And we are thrilled to tell you all about it!

Mr. Watts in Trends Magazine as “Business starter of the week”

Most of the people we talk to are truly intrigued by the HoloLens and Mixed Reality in general. Proof in point: Entrepreneurial magazine Trends picked up our story and named us 'business starter of the week'!

Why now is the time for Mixed Reality business apps

"While continuing to be important technologies, AR and MR are rapidly approaching a much more mature state, which moves them off the emerging technology class of innovation profiles." (Gartner, 2019)

Here’s why we focus on the Microsoft HoloLens first

The Microsoft HoloLens are not the only smartglasses out there, but still we have decided to focus on them in an initial phase. Let us explain the reason for this.