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97% reduction in time to information

The HoloLens allows surgeons to perform surgery more efficiently as it brings all relevant patient information into view when needed , while the surgeons’ hands remain free to grab all the tools they need. This article elaborates on how this works.

Visualize 2D and 3D data

For complex procedures, surgeons often have to go from one screen to the other, really fast. With the HoloLens, this way of working changes completely. Surgeons can now easily bring 2D images, 3D scans, or even live monitoring data and 3D animations of a procedure into view, while remaining focused on the procedure. We elaborate on this in our article “3D visualization

HoloLens Healthcare
HoloLens against Covid-19

Bring in remote experts

With Microsoft Dynamics Remote Assist, the remote expert is able to follow along – as if he were looking through the eyes of the person operating –  and guide the surgeon where needed. For more information on remote experts and remote assist, check our article: “Enable expert surgeons to assist remotely”. 


Use gestures, gaze or voice

Surgeons can now make all relevant screens appear by using voice commands, by gazing or by ‘swiping’ in the air. Besides being able to operate more efficiently, another big plus is the fact that there’s no chance of contamination as there are no physical components like a computer mouse or a keyboard to be used. Interested in learning more about this? Check out our article “Hands free, bacteria free”.

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