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3D visualization

Relevant patient information

Visualize 3D models of patients, limbs, organs, or even scans, XR’s and live monitoring data. Bring all relevant patient information into view.  Unlike a real cadaver, there’s nothing the HoloLens can’t visualize, allowing medical students or surgeons to be more informed, more prepared and more confident.

Diseases brought into view

You now get to experience what a brain actually looks like after a seizure, what happens to the brain when we process information, or how a certain heart disease influences a beating heart, … .

XR’s and live monitoring data

In modern day surgery where surgeons navigate through a body with tiny instruments via incisions no larger than a pencil point, they have to rely solely on XR images or medical imagery to guide them. For complex procedures they have to go from one screen to the other, really fast.

The HoloLens creates a completely different experience. Surgeons can now make these different screens appear by using voice commands, by gazing or by ‘swiping’ in the air.

Besides being able to operate more efficiently, another big plus is the fact that there’s no chance of contamination as there are no physical components like a computer mouse or a keyboard to be used. Interested in learning more about this? Check out our article “Hands free, bacteria free”.

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